Soccer Clubs

Coaching at a soccer club comes with its own challenges. You need to teach kids soccer skills quickly and efficiently, all while staying within budget and building their confidence as players so they can continue with the game and hopefully gain success. As a soccer coach or director, it can be a lot to juggle.

Our Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are the highest quality, sturdiest solution for enclosed and moveable sports rinks on the market right now. The rinks are designed to be set up in under 5 minutes and can easily be moved so you can have your team play anywhere. Meanwhile, your players will increase the number of touches they get, increase their playing time by not having to chase the ball when it goes out of bounds and build their confidence as they master skills on a smaller, more manageable field.

Our Revolutionary Soccer Arenas are designed to offer all the same benefits as the rinks but with the addition of a net surrounding the arena and a more semi-permanent structure. Though the Revolutionary Soccer Arena requires a longer set-up time, the semi-permanence allows you to keep them up for months at a time and the net offers even less opportunity for the soccer ball to leave the enclosed space. Both solutions have tremendous revenue potential by selling the blank spots on the panels to advertisers and sponsors.

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Key benefits

  • Builds player confidence as they learn skills on a smaller field
  • Increases touches and overall fitness because the ball stays in bounds, keeping the scrimmage going longer
  • Can be taken down and relocated easily
  • Offers enormous revenue potential for your soccer club
  • Fun for kids of all ages