As a school administrator, you have a lot to keep in mind as you spend money on the programs in your school district. The ideal product for any program is versatile, allowing you to argue its widespread impact across several programs and clubs. If you can get some return on investment from that product, it’s even better.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks can provide a unique solution for you and your school programs. These products are incredibly versatile – able to be used in gym class for more controlled and manageable games of soccer and hockey for your teachers (an important solution as class sizes continue to increase across the country), by soccer coaches to improve your school’s teams quickly, and by the teachers of younger students to provide a safe and enclosed play area.

The Revolutionary Soccer Arenas only increase the number of solutions for your school’s fitness programs. The protective netting surrounding the rink allows for better controlled games of lacrosse and volleyball for students of all ages. The blank panels of both the Revolutionary Soccer Rink and Revolutionary Soccer Arena give you the opportunity to raise money from sponsors and advertisers. Several schools even rent the products out to teams or for events for additional revenue.

We’ve seen our products used by pre-schools to create a safe space around their playgrounds, by after school programs looking to stand out and provide the only space for kids to play hockey in their area and by soccer teams looking to increase their players confidence and improve their skills.

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Key benefits

  • Creates a safe space for young children to play
  • Makes larger gym class sizes easier to manage
  • A great addition to any sports teams’ practices to improve players’ skills
  • Offers enormous revenue opportunities for different programs and your school in general
  • Fun for kids of all ages