Real Estate Developers

As a Real Estate Developer, you have one key challenge: your development needs to stand out among the rest in your area, as well as stand out among single homes buyers may be looking at. You can do this through the traditional means: a clubhouse with a gym, perhaps a pool, a community garden or pre-planned events. Or you can get creative and unique.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks can provide a unique solution for you to help you wow potential homebuyers, particularly those with families. These versatile, moveable rinks offer a fun play area for kids and even adults of all ages. They can be used for pickup soccer and hockey games or to enclose a small playground for very young children to keep them safe.

The Revolutionary Soccer Arenas offer all the same benefits, but also includes wrap-around netting, allowing you to make a designated volleyball area or sand pit for the warmer months. You can further promote your development at real estate events by having your logo and information put on the blank panels of either the rink or arena.

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Key solutions

  • Provides a unique play area for children in your real estate development
  • Helps your development stand out among the competition
  • Provides opportunities for your business to advertise itself on the blank panels
  • Fun for kids and adults of all ages.