Parks and Recreation

We’ve heard first hand how difficult it can be for a parks and recreation program to balance a limited budget, limited space and at times waning public interest in organized activities. You need solutions that will get kids and adults of all ages excited about your programs to increase your reach, but that will also be versatile and have a return on investment.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks offer the unique solution you need. Even though we call them Revolutionary Soccer Rinks, they are versatile pieces of equipment that can offer an enclosed space for kids of all ages to play games like tag, soccer, hockey, duck-duck-goose, or just about anything else you can think of. The rink can be set up in under 5 minutes and broken down even quicker, allowing you to move them easily wherever your event or program is that day.

If you’re looking for a more semi-permanent solution, our Revolutionary Soccer Arenas offer all the same benefits but also include wrap-around netting for games of lacrosse, volleyball and more. The arena can still be broken down and moved but provides additional stability through triangle braces which support each panel.

The blank panels found on both the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks and Revolutionary Soccer Arenas provide you a money raising solution as well. Many of our customers rent the products out for events and to local teams for their practices or will sell the space on the blank panels to advertisers and sponsors.

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Key benefits

  • Provides a safe, enclosed space for young children to play
  • Helps you use limited space more efficiently during your programs
  • Enormous revenue opportunities to offset costs and help your program raise funds
  • A fun way to help your programs and events stand out for children and adults of all ages