Community development is a major issue government officials are tackling all over the nation, and it’s a complex issue to solve. You need to stay within your budget, foster high community involvement and interest, increase property values, and preferably make it fun. It can be tough to find a solution that is unique, exciting, and checks all the boxes you need.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks can provide your government with a unique way to attract local constituents, though. Though they’re marketed for soccer, we’ve see our rinks used for special events, to create small and safe spaces for young children to play, by local soccer, hockey and other sports teams for fun and challenging practices and more.

The Revolutionary Soccer Arenas provide many of the same benefits, but include wrap-around netting so you can fill it with sand for a beach soccer or volleyball play area. Both have white, blank panels that allow you to make revenue by selling the spots to advertisers or sponsors. The rinks and arenas are the highest quality solutions on the market, designed to withstand anything and last for years.

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Key benefits

  • Provides a safe, enclosed space for young children to play
  • Enormous revenue opportunities to offset costs
  • High quality design can withstand rough play and weather
  • A unique solution few other government municipalities will have
  • Fun for kids and adults of all ages