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On November 15, 2017
It’s all about maximizing player’s tactics. When it’s a bigger field and you have bigger numbers, one kid might not even touch the ball for a long time. When it’s a smaller field and it’s three vs. three, the players are touching the ball constantly and that’s where the development comes from.

Actually, if you ask our coaches, the field is easier to set up and the three vs. three game is easier to manage. It accelerates the skill development. What it does is it accelerates the decision making because you are in a tight space. You have to think quicker, you have to act quicker, you have to execute quicker, and that does not come when you play on a much larger field.

In Charlotte, this is the first one, and we are very proud to have it.
Patrick Daka Technical Director, Charlotte Soccer Academy
On September 27, 2017
"The EUHERE Rinks have become an important part of our curriculum for our youngest players. Keeping the ball in the playing area allows for lots of extra touches on the ball and helps to develop confidence and creativity in the players."
"When the players see they rinks are set up they immediately get excited and ask when are we going to get to them. We have nicknamed them the Jungle and everyone wants to be the king of it"

"They set up and breakdown times were one of the hesitation points we had prior to purchasing the rinks. In actuality we have been able to set the rinks up in less then 10mins with just two people and breakdown is even faster"

"We see the rinks as a potential opportunity to raise some sponsorship monies. We envision having the boards branded by a local company and have already began some talks about make that a reality"

"The rinks are not just for young players, we have utilized them in our older teams to help with technical work as well as being a great tool for building fitness levels due to the high pace of play"

"When players from other clubs have been in our facility and seen they rinks they have immediately been drawn to them and jumped in to have a game. We have had lots of people asking about where we got them and how we have used them"
Rob Strickland Director of Competitive Soccer, South Carolina United FC
On September 8, 2016
"The Soccer Rink is a revolutionary new training field great for young upcoming players to help them develop their technical comfort level on the ball playing in tight spaces. Having the ability to play in an enclosed areas is fantastic as the game is non stop, quick, and players can be creative playing off the walls to keep the game fun and active for all those involved. Here at Charlotte Soccer Academy, we are implementing the rinks within our Junior and Youth Academy programs as well as utilizing them during the game component at our weekly technical training sessions for all age groups. "
Brad Wylde Executive Director Charlotte Soccer Academy UEFA A License
On September 1, 2016
"EUHERE Sports soccer rinks have been great to work with our young players, balls stay in the field and number of touches increased enormously. Quality of product is great."
Guillermo Bistrain the Founder of Leggo Sports

Revolutionary Soccer Rinks

Watch installation and use of EUHERE Sports revolutionary soccer rink.


Leggo Sports Indoor Academy, Charlotte NC

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Sample video of rink used by youth soccer players.

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