Beach Volleyball Arena

Setting up beach volleyball courts just got easier. Our Revolutionary Beach Volleyball Arena are the perfect way to host beach volleyball tournaments, competitive games or just a fun game with friends on a beach trip. The protective netting keeps the ball in play at all times so you don’t disturb other beach goers, while the panels can be adjusted to the perfect beach volleyball court dimensions.

Our Revolutionary Beach Volleyball Arena keep the ball in play and the game moving constantly. It will also limit the disturbances to other beach-goers while increasing your teams’ skills and ball touches.


  • Concentrated space is much more interactive and fun
  • Efficient use of space and training time – more playing, less retrieving
  • Create a beach volleyball game anywhere; just dump sand inside the rink!
  • Flexible size options to fit players of various ages
  • Great for recruiting new players or making new friends at the beach
  • Indispensable for coaches of youth age groups
  • Tournament ready and adaptable to other activities
  • Advertising space on the individual panels has potential to generate additional revenue

Technical Specifications

  • Individual panels are strong and durable, made of polypropylene with aluminum frames
  • Protective net - 1550 sqft (144 square meters) is available in various dimensions and colors
  • Corners may be square or curved to accommodate various sports
  • Integrated goals and/or doors are available options
  • Standard dimensions are 74ft long, 41ft wide, and 10ft in height at top of netting
  • Includes galvanized-steel support legs, net support rods, installation screws, net cables, carabiners, and anchor blocks
  • Our Revolutionary Beach Volleyball Arenas can be used on any flat surface, year-round

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