By Petr Vasicko
on November 6, 2017 21:19

It’s the final game to determine which team will make it to the championship. Outside mid-fielder Allison gets a pass from her defender. She does a quick, seamless turnaround move with the ball and continues down the sideline at full speed. She dribbles the ball once, twice, and then a third time touches it just a hair too hard.

The ball shoots out four feet in front of her and the defender gaining on her easily picks it off, shooting it back down the field where the striker waits. They move with near-lightning speed, keeping the ball close enough to easily move around the last defender and shoot the game-winning goal. Allison’s team is defeated, the other advances to win the championship, and several players go on to gain scholarships at D1 schools.

Ball control is a major, game-winning skill found with players on the best teams around the world, but it’s a difficult one to teach, particularly with youth soccer players. But working in smaller, confined spaces can help young players develop these techniques and increase their overall fitness levels.

The EUHERE Sports Revolutionary Soccer Rinks and Revolutionary Soccer Arenas provide a unique experience for the many teams who use them currently, setting the young players apart with abilities other teams don’t develop to the same extent.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are known for their versatility and portability. Made with polypropylene panels and an aluminum frame, they can be set up and taken apart within minutes and easily transported to different places on a cart with wheels. In the words of EUHERE co-founder Petr Vasicko, “A child can do the assembly.”

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are typically 49 feet in length, 36 feet in width and 1.6 feet in height, but the dimensions can be changed to accommodate different numbers of players and exercises. If you’re looking for something with a more permanent setup and taller walls, the Revolutionary Soccer Arena may be the way to go since they come with protective netting to keep high shots in play.

The benefits of both products are similar, giving young and old players the ability to work on skills that are difficult to master without extensive playing time or focused practice.

Small Space Equals Faster Development

Ask any soccer player or youth soccer coach what the most difficult skill to learn for the game is, and they’ll likely tell you ball control. One touch that’s just a bit too strong and the ball is several feet in front of you, giving the opponent the opportunity to steal it away from your team with ease.

Even keeping the ball close to you isn’t a complete failsafe – if a player is in a one-on-one foot skill match with a player of the opposite team, it often comes down to which of them has the ability to move the ball quickly and effectively.

To try to teach these skills you can set up some cones to create a smaller field, but the ball will easily run out of play, pausing the game as a player throws the ball back into play. Because most young players won’t have a strong command of ball control, this will happen often and limit the time they have with the ball.

You can even do one-on-one drills with offenders and defenders, encouraging the offense to use different tricks to keep the ball away from the defenders while also keeping it close, but this takes away the pace of a soccer game.

To be an effective soccer player and teammate, one needs the ability to keep the ball close and quickly move it away from defenders, all the while still looking up and around to find avenues for passing. These skills are what determine the winning and losing team in any match.

You can go through the motions in practice or lay down the foundation, but often players won’t be able to do it at full speed – a necessity. More and more coaches are turning to EUHERE Revolutionary Soccer Rinks to instill these skills in youth players, setting them up for success in the long run.

"The soccer rink is a revolutionary new training field great for young upcoming players to help them develop their technical comfort level on the ball playing in tight spaces,” Brad Wylde, Executive Director of the Charlotte Soccer Academy UEFA A License, said. “Having the ability to play in an enclosed area is fantastic as the game is nonstop, quick, and players can be creative, playing off the walls to keep the game fun and active for all those involved.”

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks or Revolutionary Soccer Arenas can be set up on any flat surface and the polypropylene panels keep the ball in play, increasing the number of touches, and improving the quantity and quality of practice time players have with the ball.

It’s a smaller space, so youth players easily begin to pick up that they must keep the ball close and in control while also looking up and figuring out how to use the space of the field, 49 by 35 feet at full size, to their team’s advantage.

By removing the option to let the ball roll out of bounds, the game can continue for longer periods of times. Players will run more, touch the ball more, and improve both offensive and defensive skills.

Players become faster, and the wasted time standing around waiting for the ball is greatly reduced. Playing in a full 360-foot-long field may have the defense of one team waiting for the ball to come to come to them, and vice versa with the offense.

Keep the players closer and not only will they learn to keep the ball tight to their bodies until they’re ready to pass, but they’ll also be moving more frequently and with more purpose.

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks and Revolutionary Soccer Arenas are being used by the best soccer teams in the country, and it shows when they take the field.


The bane of any coach’s existence, particularly youth coaches, is equipment. They may need to lug around 20 plus soccer balls, a few portable goals, scrimmage jerseys and a water cooler. Youth coaches rarely have a set practice site, and may change the field they are practicing on or may practice indoors depending on the weather.

These are common challenges and part of the reason coaches enjoy using the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks – the pieces for an entire setup fit onto a 6.5 x 2.4 x 4.3-foot cart that can be easily wheeled to the practice area. Set-up itself is a breeze, and something you can include the youth soccer players in to get their blood moving.

"The set up and breakdown times were one of the hesitation points we had prior to purchasing the rinks,” said Rob Strickland, Director of Competitive Soccer with the South Carolina United FC. “In actuality, we have been able to set the rinks up in less than 10 minutes with just two people and breakdown is even faster.”

Hosting Tournaments

Soccer tournaments are a phenomenal way for youth teams to gain practice competing with teams they don’t know very well, allowing them to practice against a variety of players at different skill levels. Not only do the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks make hosting tournaments easier, but they also make the games more interesting and players will get more out of the game time.

Finding a space to host a tournament, or a space large enough to have several games going on at once, is a challenge many youth soccer coaches face. The portability of EUHERE Revolutionary Soccer Rinks makes hosting tournaments easier for coaches wishing to do so. The entire enclosure can fit onto a 6.5 x 2.4 x 4.3-foot cart, making it easy to transport. Set-up is fast and easy enough that you can have the players help.

"EUHERE Sports soccer rinks have been great to work with our young players; balls stay in the field and number of touches increased enormously,” Guillermo Bistrain, Founder of Leggo Sports, said. “Quality of product is great."

With the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks being 49 by 35 feet, several games can happen at once in a smaller area. Spaces with several full-length soccer fields or space for more than one full-length field are usually limited by the number of scrimmages that can be held simultaneously.

Games will move at a quicker pace because the ball will stay in play thanks to the 1.6-foot walls, and players will touch the ball more and work on their control in tight spaces.

Tournaments are a great way to raise money for your soccer club, team, or association, and the blank panels on both the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks and Revolutionary Soccer Arenas allow for sponsorship opportunities to further fundraising initiatives.

Price Conscious

Soccer authorities spend millions each year in the quest to make their team the best. Between specialty coaches, top of the line equipment, consultations, and more, most spare no expense to get to the top. The money it takes to purchase a EUHERE Revolutionary Soccer Rink or Revolutionary Soccer Arena is a drop in the bucket when it comes to those expenses, and those who use the products can quickly learn skills that set them apart from the competition.

Additionally, there are few other products that compare when looking at the quality of the products used, ensuring the EUHERE Revolutionary Soccer Arenas and Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are long-lasting. Soccer is a tough sport, and equipment that lasts is a must.

Even the fastest team in the world doesn’t stand a chance against players who can effectively control the ball, keep it close to themselves and win the one-on-one or one-on-two battles that occur between offense and defense. Investing in an EUHERE Revolutionary Soccer Rink or Revolutionary Soccer Arena is an investment in the skills of your team that are a necessity in making sure they stand out among others.

Additionally, there’s a potential return on the investment. The blank panels, which can be ordered in white or in your team’s colors, can host sponsors or advertisements. "We see the rinks as a potential opportunity to raise some sponsorship monies,” said Rob Strickland, Director of Competitive Soccer with the South Carolina United FC. “We envision having the boards branded by a local company and have already begun some talks about making that a reality.”

Selling temporary advertisements for different games and tournaments is a great way to continue to get a return on that investment, or to raise money for your soccer club, team or association.

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