By Petr Vasicko
on December 11, 2017 12:57

We are so encouraged to see women’s soccer becoming more respected globally, but especially here in the U.S.

Children here grow up inspired by greats like Alex Morgan, Mia Hamm, Crystal Dunn and Abby Wambach. The FIFA Women’s World Cup is watched by more people worldwide each year; in 2015 it broke records at 750 million viewers.

Still, less girls are playing high school soccer each year than boys nationwide. We have room to grow in girls’ youth soccer to establish lifelong, passionate relationships with the game.

The benefits are obvious: children, including girls of course, tend to do better in school when they play sports, they are typically healthier than their peers, and they learn important lifelong skills like working in a team and discipline.

It’s important young girls see women playing sports professionally and are encouraged to get involved themselves. The more young girls who play soccer and sports in general, the more who are bettering their skills and improving the future of the game.

There are a number of ways to get young girls interested in sports: expose them to the sports as they are growing up, make it a point to teach them about diverse female role models in each sport, and of course, make learning the sport fun.

Not only are the EUHERE Sports Revolutionary Soccer Rinks functional in helping youth soccer players improve their skills, but they also make the game more fun by continually keeping the ball in play.

It’s no secret kids enjoy being entertained continuously, and when a soccer game is paused continually as the ball goes out of bounds, they do get bored.

It’s easy to make a game out of setting up the Revolutionary Soccer Rinks with the kids as well. The setup is quick and can involve everyone on the team to make it even faster, keeping your girls soccer team engaged the whole time.

At EUHERE Sports, we’re excited to see the future of girls soccer continue to grow, and we can’t wait to be a part of that revolution.

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