on October 31, 2017 01:19

Even though our flagship EUHERE product is called the Revolutionary Soccer Arena, in reality it is much more versatile than the name implies. Compared to our Revolutionary Soccer Rinks which are less permanent and easier to transport, assemble, and disassemble, our Revolutionary Soccer Arena provides the benefits of a semi-permanent structure without the limitations and expense of a dedicated rink. It features protective netting on the top, has slightly taller boards, includes anchor blocks, and can be bolted to hard surfaces for a more substantial look and feel. “The benefits are similar, but if you need something more permanent or taller, the Revolutionary Soccer Arena is the way to go,” said EUHERE founder and CEO Petr Vasicko.

The netting surrounding the Revolutionary Soccer Arena helps keep the ball or puck in play at all times. This means your youth team will play with greater intensity for a longer period of time, will handle the ball or puck more frequently, will work on some of the finer skills in the game, and will increase their overall fitness and skill level.

The Revolutionary Soccer Arena is meant for more permanent practice spaces, but it’s still adaptable. The top netting and goals can be removed, and the dimensions can be modified for larger or smaller games. Additionally, the Revolutionary Soccer Arena can be used for much more than just soccer. With the protective top netting, optional doors and curved corner boards, the arena is the perfect option for youth hockey, lacrosse, and other team sports.

As a former hockey player himself, Vasicko recognized the need coaches of all types of youth sport teams have for a durable, well-designed practice space for smaller exercises. Keeping the ball or puck close to your body, being able to play defense in tight spaces, and keeping physically fit through longer-lasting scrimmages are all skills that set the best sports teams apart.

“This is the future of the game of soccer and other sports that benefit from our revolutionary products,” Vasicko said. “If you look at any of the best teams or clubs in the country, in any match and in any time, the game happens in a small area.”


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