By Petr Vasicko
on November 13, 2017 15:29

When you’re watching a soccer game, what typically determines the winning team and losing team?

Often, it’s the team that has the best grasp of ball control - the team whose soccer balls seem like an extension of their foot. They look natural, they move quickly and they always know exactly where the ball is and where it’s about to go.

This skill is imperative, and easily the most difficult one to teach, especially when it comes to youth soccer. For children to really command the soccer ball, it takes a lot of focused practice, and using cones to build a smaller field or using a full size field to practice just isn’t cutting it.

When coaches use those methods, the ball easily runs out of play. The games stops, and so do the touches on the ball. Everyone’s watched a game or scrimmage where it’s just thrown in after thrown in.

When that happens, the only skills the players are working on is the ability not to lift their foot and throw the ball straight over their head. They’re still important skills, but they aren’t the skills that will bring your team to the championship, and it’s not going to prepare your youth soccer team for a future in professional soccer.

“It’s all about maximizing player’s tactics,” Patrick Daka, Technical Director with the Charlotte Soccer Academy, explained. “When it’s a bigger field and you have bigger numbers, one kind might not even touch the ball for a long time. When it’s a smaller field and it’s three vs. three, the players are touching the ball constantly and that’s where the development comes from.”

This is why our EUHERE Sports Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are so effective. The ball always stays in play. This means the soccer players will touch the ball more and will play for longer. Not only is this a great way to practice ball touches and ball control, it will help keep your team in fantastic shape.

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