By Petr Vasicko
on March 13, 2019 12:29

Benjamin Preparatory School in Atlanta, Georgia faced a tough situation when their playground underwent construction: how could children play nearby, but safely?

EUHERE Sports’ Revolutionary Soccer Rinks are actually designed to be more than just soccer rinks - they’re constructed to be versatile, and so they help define a safe and super fun play areas for children of all ages, including preschoolers.  The Revolutionary Rink can be then utilized to play a variety of different sport disciplines, P.E. exercises, drills, like hockey, hand-ball, catch the flag, team-building games and more.

“The rink enabled me to have an area where children could play competitively,” said Nicole Kelly, principal and director of curriculum at the school. “Not only that, also my youngest children who are ages 1 and 2 and aren’t able to engage in a full sports play, were still able to be in a protected area that’s separate from the construction. In fact with the Rink been so versatile and adjustable in sizes, I was able to construct not one, but two play areas that children really do enjoy and still keep teachers and parents in peace of mind.

Benjamin Prep works with children 6 weeks old through second grade, so a well-defined, fun area was necessary to keep the young kids safe and entertained.

Another aspect that helps make EUHERE Sports’ rinks versatile is the ability to adjust their size. With the leftover sides the school was able to create two small play areas, one which houses some of the smaller playground equipment.

“I was able to construct a play area where children of other ages could simultaneously play,” Kelly said. “Without the rink I would have had one area that I couldn’t really use because there was no natural boundary between the construction going on and our regular school play. With the rink I was able to construct not one, but two play areas that children really do enjoy.”

The Revolutionary Soccer Rinks (and Revolutionary Soccer Arenas, formed with higher panels and netting) are also known for their ability to create new revenue streams for the programs which use them. Atlanta ContactPoint rents them out for birthday parties and other events, and other programs have sold blank spots on the panels to sponsors.

Benjamin Prep also found a creative way to use the rinks, which are easily broken down within minutes, allowing them to be moved easily.

“Our school was able to have an additional income stream made from the fact that at the largest size, soccer programs became interested in how they could use the rink for their own programs when they didn’t have a permanent field,” Kelly explained. “This has enabled us to have another way to generate money.”

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