By Petr Vasicko
on November 13, 2017 19:46

It’s all about maximizing player’s tactics. When it’s a bigger field and you have bigger numbers, one kid might not even touch the ball for a long time. When it’s a smaller field and it’s three vs. three, the players are touching the ball constantly and that’s where the development comes from. 

Actually, if you ask our coaches, the field is easier to set up and the three vs. three game is easier to manage. It accelerates the skill development. What it does is it accelerates the decision making because you are in a tight space. You have to think quicker, you have to act quicker, you have to execute quicker, and that does not come when you play on a much larger field.

In Charlotte, this is the first one, and we are very proud to have it.

Patrick Daka

Technical Director, Charlotte Soccer Academy 

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