By Petr Vasicko
on August 23, 2018 12:42

Atlanta ContactPoint is on the ground in Georgia trying to get kids of all ages more active and health conscious.

It’s a noble initiative they foster through Play Days at local parks, educational wellness programs and after school programs housed at three different locations throughout the city. But sometimes hosting these programs requires that the nonprofit organization get a little creative with space.

This was an issue with Freedom Park Preschool, where they were working with limited space even though they wanted to plan big, fun activities involving a lot of movement.

“Because of the space that we had, we were looking for ways to create a sports area,” said Executive Director David Epstein. In January they turned to our Revolutionary Soccer Rinks as a solution for space at Freedom Park Preschool. 

“This was just a really easy way of creating a sport rink within a parking lot,” David said. “We feel it’s essential as part of our program because we had limited space. It helped us create a great play space in an area where there wasn’t any.”

Atlanta ContactPoint uses the Revolutionary Soccer Rink for a variety of afterschool program activities with kids ranging from 2 to 11 years old. We’ve talked before about our versatile rinks are, and Atlanta ContactPoint embraces this fully.

This includes playing fun games of soccer, hockey, tag and other random sports to keep kids moving and having fun. Freedom Park Preschool even sets gymnastics and tumbling activities in the rink during the day as an easy way to keep all the youngsters in one spot.

David said a lot of kids in the afterschool program enjoy the rink, particularly for hockey.

“Some are a part of a team, but we don’t have in-town hockey,” he explained. “Some other kids are in soccer leagues but the majority of them come to our program to have fun, get exercise and be outside.”

Of course, Atlanta ContactPoint’s number one goal is to get kids moving and having a blast while they do so they can learn healthy habits early on in their life - but it doesn’t hurt that the rinks encourage skills development as well.

“We love the fact that the ball and the pucks stay enclosed,” David said. “They get a lot more opportunities to take shots, learn how to defend - things of that nature. It’s easier to teach skills like that in the rink.”

The programs at Freedom Park Preschool are just a small snapshot of everything ContactPoint provides, though. They have two other facilities, or “contact points,” in the Atlanta community.

Being able to easily move equipment to other locations when needed was a great aspect of the rinks for David. He even said they bring their rink to CountactPoint promotional events.

“It can break down in literally five minutes and comes with its own dolly carrier,” he said. “We bring it to events and festivals to help promote our programs.”

We think what you’re doing to get Atlanta more active is absolutely revolutionary, ContactPoint! Way to go! 

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