EUHERE Sports LLC presentation

Revolutionary Soccer Rinks

Revolutionary Soccer Arena

Lightweight And Durable

The Ball Is Always In Play

Main Advantages


Our revolutionary soccer rinks can be modified to virtually any size and can be used on any flat surface such as artifical turf, grass, asphalt, concrete and any other sports surface.

Fun And Interactive

The soccer ball remains inside our Revolutionary Soccer Rink during play making the game much more fun and interactive for players.


Accelerate skills development by maximizing ball contact time, reducing time wasted chasing stray shots, and optimizing practice time.


Our Revolutionary Soccer Rinks provide a focused environment which is ideal for continuous improvement of players’ fitness, physical conditioning, and overall health.


  • Rapid development of youth soccer players
  • Concentrated space is much more interactive and fun
  • Focus on modern and innovative training methods and trends
  • Accelerate development of ball handling, passing, control, and feel
  • Efficient use of space
  • Efficient use of training time - the ball is never out of play
  • Improvement of one-on-one game
  • Flexible size options to fit players of various ages
  • Great for recruiting new players to the game
  • Indispensable for coaches of youth age groups
  • Tournament ready and adaptable to other activities
  • Advertising space on the individual panels has potential to generate additional revenue

Technical Specifications

  • Individual panels are lightweight and durable, made of polypropylene with aluminum frame
  • Goals are made of zinc dipped steel with polypropylene netting & fold for storage
  • Standard size rink is comprised of 22 straight panels (6.5 feet in length, 1.6 feet in height), 4 rounded panels (2.5 feet in length, 1.6 feet in height) and 2 goals
  • Standard size of a rink is 49 feet in length, 36 feet in width and 1.6 feet in height
  • Entire rink is stored on a cart (6.5 x 2.4 x 4.3 feet, 705lb) with four wheels, providing portability
  • Installation of rink is intuitive and takes no more than 5 minutes with easy to assemble panels
  • Our Revolutionary Soccer Rinks can be used on any flat surface, year-round