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On September 8, 2016
"The Soccer Rink is a revolutionary new training field great for young upcoming players to help them develop their technical comfort level on the ball playing in tight spaces. Having the ability to play in an enclosed areas is fantastic as the game is non stop, quick, and players can be creative playing off the walls to keep the game fun and active for all those involved. Here at Charlotte Soccer Academy, we are implementing the rinks within our Junior and Youth Academy programs as well as utilizing them during the game component at our weekly technical training sessions for all age groups. "
Brad Wylde, Executive Director Charlotte Soccer Academy UEFA A License
On September 1, 2016
"EUHERE Sports soccer rinks have been great to work with our young players, balls stay in the field and number of touches increased enormously. Quality of product is great."
Guillermo Bistrain, the Founder of Leggo Sports

Revolutionary Soccer Rinks

Watch installation and use of EUHERE Sports revolutionary soccer rink.


Leggo Sports Indoor Academy, Charlotte NC

More information at Leggo Sports

Sample video of rink used by youth soccer players.

Charlotte Soccer Academy